Road Carpet

Services: Road Carpet

SPV specialize in the supply and installation of the specialist Road Carpet Surfacing product. Road carpet is a permanent, quick and trouble free solution for all your surfacing and trafficking needs. It is a non slip, waterproof material which has a multitude of applications and is available in a range of colours.

It can be utilised as a surfacing material for areas such as car parks, walkways and bridges and comes in a variety of grades. It is also ideal for smoking areas as the membrane is not affected by cigarettes and offers excellent wear against chemicals and the product is also ideal for designating walkways over roof areas.

Road Carpet copes easily with movement by expanding & contracting without cracking like other materials and is therefore highly resistant to rupture, cold & heat. Works can be carried out with no interference to the surrounding environment. Road Carpet is already the preferred choice on the continent for a multitude of applications from footpaths and roads to car parks and bridges. Road Carpet is now available in the UK exclusively through SPV. The following case studies document a number of Road Carpet projects which SPV have recently completed.