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Slating and Tiling

Services: Slating and Tiling

SPV carry out all types of slating and tiling including the following;

  • Clay & concrete plain tiling
  • Fibre cement slating
  • Concrete interlocking tiling
  • Shingles
  • Leadwork

Modern slating and tiling provides a long-term roof waterproofing solution that can be supplied in a wide range of looks and finishes for all applications

The life expectancy of slate or tiled roofs can be extended greatly by timely repairs and maintenance. We offer free advice and a full repair service.  The British Standard for Slating and Tiling (BS 5534), has been revised to make UK roofs more secure in the face of increasing extreme weather events, has been mandatory from the end of February 2015.

There are three significant changes; every tile will have to be mechanically fixed with a degree of clipping required on most roofs and mortar alone is no longer deemed sufficient on its own to secure tiles and their associated fittings to a roof, so areas including ridges, hips and verges will now require mechanical fixing as well. The standard also introduces new requirements to secure lightweight underlays and prevent a recent problem of ‘ballooning’, caused by wind deflection, which has been known to place a load on the underside of the roof covering, capable of dislodging it.

All SPV installations are carried out in accordance with the new regulations.

Slating and Tiling projects:

Randolph Hotel

The Macdonald Randolph Hotel, is the leading 5 star Hotel in Oxford. The heritage building is located in the centre of Oxford on Beaumont St occupying a corner site with the Ashmolean Museum opposite the main entrance, with the other side fronting onto St Giles and colleges and the Playhouse…

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